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Large Ceiling Cooker Hoods 
Ceiling cooker Hoods

Large Ceiling cooker hoods: Leading the way in cooker hoods development, our range of ceiling cooker hoods quite literally blend into the ceiling! Our range includes flush fitted cooker hoods where all the workings can be hidden above the ceiling, or you can build a box section lowering your ceiling if you do not have the joist space required the choice is yours! We also have ready made box sections on various models that can also be reticulated using charcoal filters.

Luxair have also introduced ceiling hoods with external motors where space is not allowing you to install directly into the ceiling, these are also great for reducing the noise of the extractor to the outside!

How much of a feature these innovative products can be is completely up to you! If you want quiet efficiency, these ceiling hoods are the way to go. With our high powered motor design, these are Luxair’s most powerful cooker hoods extracting up to 1200m³/hr

DON’T FORGET: We recommend using 150mm circular ducting or rigid plastic equivalent for our cooker hoods to perform at their best!


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Anzi -Slimline Motor - Black
Ceiling Cooker Hood - BLACK - Anzi LA-90-ANZI-SM-BLK   Ceiling Cooker Hoods 900mm x..
Ex Tax: £1,125.00
Anzi -Slimline Motor - Stainless Steel
Ceiling Cooker Hood - Stainless Steel - Anzi LA-90-ANZI-SM-SS   Anzi Ceiling Cooker..
Ex Tax: £1,125.00
Based on 2 reviews.
Anzi -Slimline Motor - White
Ceiling Cooker Hood - WHITE - Anzi LA-90-ANZI-SM-WHT New Ceiling Cooker Hood 900mm x 50..
Ex Tax: £1,125.00
Based on 1 reviews.
Anzi Ceiling Cooker Hood 1200 x 300mm Stainless Steel
 Anzi Ceiling Hood 120cm - Stainless Steel LA-120 x 300-ANZI-CM-SS   Anzi Ceil..
Ex Tax: £958.33
Anzi Ceiling Cooker Hood 1200 x 300mm White
 Anzi Ceiling Hood 120cm - White LA-120 x 300-ANZI-CM-WHT   Anzi Ceiling Cooke..
Ex Tax: £958.33
Tolvi 90cm Slimline Motor
90cm Tolvi Ceiling Cooker Hood LA-90-TOLVI-SM-SS Tolvi Ceiling Hood 900mm x 500mm with ..
Ex Tax: £1,375.00
Tolvi Ceiling 130cm x 70cm Stainless Steel
Ceiling Cooker Hood Tolvi -Stainless Steel Frame 130cm x 70cm LA-130x70-TOLVI-SS-SM   ..
Ex Tax: £1,750.00
Tolvi Ceiling Cooker Hood 1200 x 300mm
 Ceiling Cooker Hood Tolvi -Stainless Steel LA-120 x 300-TOLVI-SS   Ceiling Co..
Ex Tax: £1,125.00
Tolvi Luci RGB
 Tolvi Luci RGB Colour LED Ceiling Hood - 100cm x 60cm LA-100-TOLVI-LUCI-SM-SS Video ..
Ex Tax: £1,625.00
Tolvi Slimline Ceiling Hood WG/SS
 Ceiling Cooker Hood Tolvi -S/Steel 600mm x 600mm LA-60-TOLVI-SS   Tolvi Ceili..
Ex Tax: £1,291.67
Cosmic Ceiling 90cm x 60cm white
Cosmic Ceiling Cooker Hood extractor 900mm x 600mm - White Glass LA-90-COSMIC-CEILING-WHITE ..
Ex Tax: £1,079.17
Cosmic Ceiling Cooker Hood - Black Glass - 900mm x 600mm
Cosmic Ceiling Cooker Hood extractor 900mm x 600mm - Black Glass LA-90-COSMIC-CEILING-BLACK ..
Ex Tax: £1,079.17
Jupiter Ceiling  120cm x 50cm white
JUPITER 1200mm x 500mm Ceiling Hood LA-1200-Jupiter Ceiling Hood     This all ne..
Ex Tax: £1,229.17
 Delux Ceiling 90cm x 60cm SS
LA-90-Delux-Stainless Steel    Ceiling Cooker Hood Stainless Steel 900mm x 600mm..
£899.00 £599.99
Ex Tax: £499.99
Celux Ceiling 90cm x 60cm SS
Celux Ceiling Cooker Hood in Black with Black Glass - 900mm x 600mm  LA-90-Celux-Stainless S..
Ex Tax: £749.16
Light SWG Ceiling 90cm x 60cm white
Ceiling Cooker Hood S/Steel frame with LED Panel 900mm x 600mm  LA-90-Light-SWG   ..
Ex Tax: £749.17

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